A mom’s shopping checklist

With Christmas season fast approaching, I asked several moms about their considerations when buying items for their child.

Are you the type of mom who takes time when buying? I’m one of them. I read, research, read and then decide. ๐Ÿ™‚

Six years ago, when I was a new mom, I had only one option when I was shopping for my eldest, Ellie- and it was to check out the item/s at the mall and purchase it from there. Through the years, I’ve seen how purchasing for moms have become so convenient and accessible- with just a click. There are a variety of options right now- you can have them delivered to your home, or you can choose to pick it up from the store. Isn’t it amazing that ‘shopping’ for parents have been made easier- either with the use of technology or with a variety of bazaars available near your location?

Here are the results of the mini-survey that I conducted:

  1. What are your considerations when choosing a particular product for your child?

When choosing for a particular baby product, their top considerations are the following: 1) safety; 2) function; 3) cost/budget; 4) quality and last 5) recommendation from others.

One mom explained, “I choose products from trusted brands with years of experience. They must safe, non-toxic, easy to use.” Another mom pointed out that “she checks top brands over the internet, checks it claims and features against other products and then she checks the reviews.” One mom said that she also looks into the ingredients and the safety of the product, wherein the price should be able to justify the claims that that particular product brings.

Most of them also shared that if a particular mommy friend or family member has recommended the product, they are more likely to try it out also.

2. What are the top 5 items that’s on your to-buy list for your child on a monthly basis?

The top 5 items are the following: 1) Diapers; 2) For Personal Care/Grooming (Soap, shampoo); 3) For Cleaning: (bottle/nipple cleanser; pump cleanser; detergent; 4) Food- milk, fruits, ingredients; 5) Toys

3. Do you order online or prefer to check it in store?

Some moms expressed that they do both- but it depends on the store location and of course the cost (if it’s worth checking).

For those moms who prefer online shopping, they pointed out that conveniency is a big consideration especially when you have younger children. One mom said that, “I learned that ordering online is more convenient for moms with very small children. I am able to canvass better and choose from a wider variety because I don’t need to be on the road. Even buying groceries has become more convenient because having children makes you less mobile.

On the other hand, for those moms who prefer to buy from the store, they pointed out that they need to see the actual product first before purchasing. In addition to this, some moms would actually check the item especially if they have extra time to do so.

4. Do you also check out baby fairs and online promos?

Some said YES- because they want to be updated with new items available. The online promos help a lot especially when buying diapers (for bundle diaper sales) because it saves a lot of money. One mom even said, “It (ordering online) makes it so easy because I don’t have to carry large packages while I am out with the children.”

On the other hand, a few moms said that they find going to baby fairs a bit crowded.

5. Are you loyal to a particular brand?

There were some moms who said YES while some said they weren’t as loyal to a particular brand. They try to mix- and match depends on the particular item. One mom explained, “some brands have become a staple because they have been effective, efficient and budget friendly over time. While some brands are only good for 1-2 purchases while others have been good brands even before I became a mom”.

I asked some of the moms who had more than 1 child this particular question: would you say your criteria for choosing for both your kids have become practical? Why or why not?

One mom said the following:”Yes, so far whichever works for my eldest, we use also for our buns. It was really a trial and error process at first, so with the youngest, we didn’t switch anymore. We just used what was being used at home already.”

Another mom added, “Easier to be practical. When I choose to buy for the older child, if possible it is of good quality so the younger child can still use it. Price can be justified by length of use; most of the time they have the same product like laundry soap and body wash.

I would say that shopping for our children have changed through the years- it has become more convenient, made easier and more accessible to us, parents. My mini-research showed that amidst a variety of products available in the market, parents have grown more intentional about the science behind every product they use for their child. They know the value of safety and research at the same time, they also put a great consideration not just on the cost but also the quality of that particular item.

This was during an event at the Ogalala Store where a parent asked help about a particular product. ๐Ÿ™‚

*This article is written in partnership with Pigeon Philippines. You can check out their items at leading department stores (Baby Company, Mothercare and Rustans). You can also check them online via their FB page: Pigeon Philippines. They are also available at Ogalala Store (at Ayala 30th and Shangri-la mall).


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