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Teacher Tanya is a family life and child development specialist. 

She graduated with a degree in Family Life and Child Development from UP Diliman and received her M.A. in Leadership in Education from Pacific Oaks College in Pasadena, California.

As an early childhood educator, Teacher Tanya has worked in the preschool (for 10 years).  She has worked both here in the Philippines and abroad. In California, she was given the opportunity to work in different infant and toddler preschools. She was also the recipient of the California Director Mentor Program in which she gained more training on preschool administration. In the Philippines, she worked as a toddler teacher at the UP Child Development Center and served as program consultants to preschools. Teacher Tanya also taught college students (U.P Diliman and Miriam College) for 6 years. 

Teacher Tanya is passionate about respectful parenting. She is currently working on her certification in becoming an infant and toddler specialist. 

 As an infant and toddler practitioner, Teacher Tanya handles parent-infant/toddler classes and at the same time, educates parents about respectful parenting (starting from pregnancy until post-birth) through seminars.


Her seminars focus on the following topics:

  • Understanding your baby’s needs
  • Planning your baby’s day
  • Developmentally Appropriate Activities for infants and toddlers
  • Caregivers’ Seminar: Nurturing Them and simple activities they can do at home with the children

She also manages GURUFIRM, a training and consultancy company on early childhood education, wherein her team conducts teacher training seminars and research projects on Filipino children.Teacher Tanya has written for several parenting magazines and has been a consultant for several organizations and companies. 

She currently manages a blog, tanyavelasco.com, where she aspires to use this as a platform to educate parents about the importance of respectful care for babies.

When she’s not in the classroom, Teacher Tanya enjoys her primary role as a wife to her husband Mike and as a mom to her daughters, Ellie and Julia and son, Nathan. 



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