Babies and Play (3-6 months): What Parents can do with their infants?

Let me continue the series on: Babies and Play, and this time, we’ll talk about babies who are 3-6 months old. If you’d ask me, personally, I think this is one of the best moments of ha…

Source: Babies and Play (3-6 months): What Parents can do with their infants?

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  • emma reyes pulgar says:

    i like know now more about parenting pa.i have 3 children na all 3 girls 6 is my eldest,5yrs and 2months old.thank you.

    • Chronicles of a Teacher Mom says:

      Hi Mommy Emma! Thanks for dropping by my blog! That’s great to know that you’d like to know more about parenting. You might be interested to attend the free seminar that I’ll be giving on October 8. You can check out the poster on my most previous blog post. Hope to see you there. 🙂
      I actually set-up this blog so I can be able to share my knowledge and experiences both as a family life specialist and as a mom too. You can regularly check on this blog so you can be updated with the latest research and trends in child development.

      Thank you! God Bless

      Mommy Tanya

      • Emma says:

        Hello tania sorry i wasnt able to attend the seminar last sunday, may sakit ang baby ko sore eyes.

        • Chronicles of a Teacher Mom says:

          hi Emma! I hope your baby is doing better. Don’t worry, there’s another seminar coming up this November 19. I’ll post about the event details soon! Thanks again
          and God Bless

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